Since the formation of NSMA there have been as many as 21 different working groups formed to address at least that many issues. Issues are determined by the NSMA members and a volunteer working group is formed to discuss any and all resolutions. The working group is given a title such as “Earth Station Site Shielding” and a number, i.e., WG6. If a recommendation is produced as a result of the working group resolving an issue then the recommendation will have a title such as “Earth Station Shielding” and a number, WG6.89.004.

Occasionally a working group will issue a status report, usually in the form of meeting agendas and actions taken on each agenda item. Those agendas or notes will appear in this section.

  • WG1 Electronic Prior Coordination Notification
  • WG2 Over-Horizon Propagation Loss
  • WG3 Coordination Procedures
  • WG4 RFI Test Methods
  • WG5 Interference Objectives
  • WG6 Earth Station Site Shielding
  • WG8 Reflection Prediction
  • WG9 Carrier to Interference Objectives
  • WG12 Transborder Coordination
  • WG14 Mixed High-Low Plans
  • WG16 Antenna Patterns
  • WG18 Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)
  • WG20 Personal Communications
  • WG21 Equipment Standards

Not all working groups have published recommendations, however, they may have had input to working groups which did publish recommendations. Any working group which is not active may be reactivated and if required new working groups may be formed to address pertinent issues. Click here for a list of recommendations for each working group.

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