NSMA’s intent is to make the coordination process more effective and more efficient. To this end, NSMA recommendations represent guidelines that coordinators will find useful in supplementing the FCC’s coordination rules. NSMA reports and tutorials, on the other hand, are helpful ready-references or training manuals.

The following is a list of NSMA Reports and Recommendations that have been published to date. To obtain a copy of documents not on the web, contact the NSMA Secretary via email.

WG3 Coordination Procedures

Protection of Prior Coordination Notice Paths During FCC Filing Process WG3.20.002
Content of Direct Interference Case Reports WG3.20.003
Coordination Follow-up Advisories WG3.20.004
Inclusion of Case Resolution Information in PCNs WG3.21.005
Notification of Apparent Operational Discrepancies WG3.21.006
Coordination Contours for Terrestrial Microwave Systems WG3.21.008
The Contents of Prior Coordination Notifications for Fixed Microwave Services WG3.19.002
Requirements for RPEs used in PTP Microwave Interference Analysis WG3.20.001
Bucking Coordination WG3.18.001
Expedited Prior Coordination Notification WG3.17.002
Fixed Service Frequency Coordination in the Broadcast Auxiliary Service and Cable Television Relay Service Bands of 6875 -7125 MHz and 12700-13150 MHz WG3.17.001
Primer on Frequency Coordination Procedures WG3.87.001
PCN Distribution and Protection Agent Notification WG3.14.001
Station Names WG3.89.019
Short Path Distance and Azimuth Calculations WG3.91.028
Earth Station Antenna Pattern WG3.93.040
Coordination Procedures for ATPC WG3.94.041
Prior Coordination Notifications WG3.95.046 [available offline]
Mixed High-Low Frequency Plans (Bucks) and Reflection Interference WG3.10.001 (Replaces WG14.87.011)

WG1 Electronic Prior Coordination Notification

Terrestrial EPCN Format WG1.92.034
Earth Station EPCN Format WG1.92.035

WG2 Over-Horizon Propagation Loss

OHLOSS Path Loss Computation WG2.99.052
OHLOSS Path Loss Computation – Annex 2 WG2.99.052A2
OHLOSS Path Loss Computation – Annex 3 WG2.99.052A3
OHLOSS Analysis Using Digitized Terrain Maps WG2.87.007
Contribution of Trees and Vegetation in OHLOSS Analyses WG2.89.016
Comparison of OHLOSS Calculations vs. Field Measurements WG2.89.017
OHLOSS Path Loss Computation Flowchart WG2.89.023

WG4 RFI Test Methods

Test Plans WG4.88.012
Calibration Techniques WG4.88.013
Reverse Path Calculations WG4.88.014
Report Format and Surveying Considerations for Interference Paths Between Earth Stations and Terrestrial Stations WG4.88.015
Earth Station Site survey Measurements: Test Antenna Heights for Measurement WG4.90.037
Determination and Verification of Measured Interference Sources WG4.90.038
Measurement Data Presentation WG4.90.039

WG5 Interference Objectives

Terrestrial Microwave Interference Objectives for the 2, 4, 6, 11, 18, and 23 GHz Bands WG5.89.005
Interference Objectives WG5.95.044

WG6 Earth Station Site Shielding

Earth Station Shielding WG6.89.004

WG8 Reflection Prediction

Tutorial for Microwave Scattering Interference Mechanisms WG8.93.009

WG9 Carrier to Interference Objectives

Long-Term/Short-Term Objectives for Terrestrial Microwave Coordination WG9.85.001

WG12 Transborder Coordination

Canada/US Boundaries for Microwave and Satellite ES Data Base Exchange WG12.87.008
Standard for Interchange of Large Volume Microwave Path Data WG12.87.009
Standard for Interchange of Large Volume Earth Station Data WG12.87.010
Transborder EPCN Procedure WG12.95.042

WG14 Mixed High-Low Plans

Mixed High-Low Frequency Plans and Reflection Interference WG14.87.011

WG16 Antenna Patterns

Antenna Systems – Standard Format for Digitized Antenna Patterns WG16.99.050
Requirements for Vertical-Plane Antenna Pattern Data REP.WG16.89.02
Application of Angular Diversity Antenna Systems and Discussion of Antenna Pattern Measurements WG16.89.006
Standard Format for Electronic Transfer of Terrestrial Antenna Pattern Data WG16.89.003
Guidelines for Use of Earth Station Antenna Pattern Data WG16.91.031
Assignment of Antenna Identification Codes WG16.95.043

WG18 Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC)

Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) WG18.91.032

WG20 Personal Communications

PCS Coordination Procedures with Fixed Microwave Users in the 1.9 GHz Band WG20.95.045
Inter-PCS Co-Block Coordination Procedures WG20.95.048

WG21 Equipment Standards

Format for the Electronic Transfer of Radio Equipment Data WG21.99.051

Prior/Outdated WG3 Coordination Procedures

Coordinate Conversion to NAD83 Datum and Elevation Conversion to NAVD88 Datum WG3.92.036
Tutorial for Carrier to Interference Objectives WG5.92.008
Coordination Follow-up Advisories WG3.86.004
Inclusion of Case Resolution Information in PCN’s WG3.89.020
Coordination Responses Involving Terrestrial Interference Beyond 125 Miles WG3.89.021
Paper Copies of Verbal Coordination Requests WG3.89.022
Notification of Apparent Operational Discrepancies WG3.90.025
Coordination Contours for Terrestrial Microwave Systems WG3.90.026
Added Information Required for C-band Transmit Earth Stations WG3.90.033
Requests for Expedited Responses to Prior Coordination Notifications WG3.91.027
Content of Direct Interference Case Reports WG3.91.029
Precipitation Scatter Beam Intersections WG3.86.005
Coordination for Future Plans WG3.86.003
The Parties to Coordination WG3.89.018 (Replaced by WG3.14.001)

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