NSMA Presentations 2022

The following is a collection of various presentations given at NSMA’s 2022 Annual Spectrum Management Conference. The presentations are in pdf format.

Spectrum Management 2022 Presentations

Conference Schedule

Introduction to Conference (Video)

Spectrum Management Activities at the FCC/OET with Ira Keltz, Deputy Chief, OET, FCC (Video) (PDF)

Wireless Wars with Jon Pelson, Author, Wireless Wars, Telecommunications executive (Video)

New Developments in Using Drones to Listen to RF Interference and EMF Exposure with Tom Brinkoetter, Founder, RadioSiteTest.com (Video) (PDF)

Satellite Mega Constellations – Panel with Trey Hanbury, Partner, Jenner Block; Prof. David A. Koplow, Georgetown Law (Video) (PDF)

Public Safety in the Spectrum Squeeze with Mitchell Lazarus, Former Counsel, FWCC; Partner (ret.) Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth (Video) (PDF)

GPS Satellite & Spectrum Matters with Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Furchtgott International, George Washington University (Video) (PDF)

iNARTE Spectrum Management Certification with Tom Fagan, Chair, iNARTE Spectrum Management Certification Program (Video) (PDF)

State of the Spectrum with Evelyn Remaley, Partner (formerly NTIA); Sean Conway, Partner; Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP; [Designed by Bryan Tramont, Partner] (Video) (PDF)

Spectrum Management & Human RF Exposure – 2022 Recap with Joseph Sandri, President, NSMA; CEO, Thought Delivery Systems, Inc.; George Kizer, Board Member, Past President, NSMA; Marianna Verlage Archibald, Environmental Engineer – Sustainability Consultant (moderator) (Video) (PDF – Sandri) (PDF – Kizer) (PDF – Kizer article)

Federal Government & Spectrum Management Needs with Dr. David Morris, National Science Foundation (Video) (PDF)

Spectrum Modernization with Art DeLeon, U.S. Navy, Department of Navy Strategic Spectrum Policy (Video) (PDF)

6GHz: Industry Proposals with Mark Gibson, Comsearch; Dr. Tom Willis, AT&T; Mike Mulcay, CEO, ENCINA (Video)  (PDF – Gibson) (PDF – Willis) (PDF – Mulcay)

Scientific & Meteorological Use of Spectrum with Dr. Jordan Gerth, U. of Wisconsin, NOAA (Video) (PDF)

Working Group 3 Status with Dave Meyer, Senior Manager, Comsearch; Board Member, NSMA (Video) (PDF)

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