NSMA Presentations 2021

The following is a collection of various presentations given at the 2021 NSMA’s Annual Spectrum Management Conference. The presentations are in pdf and video format.

Spectrum Management 2021 Presentations


Conference Schedule 

Introduction to Conference (Video Only)

Spectrum Management Activities at the FCC/OET (Video) (PDF)

NASA Spectrum Planning & Pre-coordination: Lunar Missions (Video)

Using Drones to Listen for RF Interference (Video) (PDF)

Satellite Mega Constellations – Panel (Video) (PDF)

The Politics of Spectrum Sharing (Video) (PDF)

New Ideas in Spectrum (Video)

iNARTE Spectrum Management Certification (Video)

State of the Spectrum (Video)

6 GHz Developments (Video) (PDF)

CBRS Progress (Video)

Human RF Exposure (Video) (Kizer PDF) (Daviault PDF) (Panel PDF)

Radio Astronomy Spectrum Protection (Video) (PDF)

5G and Green Earth Initiatives – 2021 Recap (Video)

Electromagnetic Effects on Spectrum Management: U.S. Navy (Video) (PDF)

Working Group 3 Status (Video) (PDF)

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