A Message from Our President

Welcome. Our members, though diverse, share one common goal: effective and efficient management of the radio spectrum. The NSMA is a devoted group of like minded individuals who take spectrum and regulatory issues very seriously not just because it’s their job but it’s also their avocation and their baby.  All wireless networks, whether deployed on land, sea or sky, require the steady hands of spectrum managers to guide the development and operational guidelines.

The NSMA has been blessed with members that have been in the spectrum business for over thirty years and a large percentage of our membership has been active for over twenty years. The NSMA’s niche includes avoiding interference issues by facilitating the clean coordination and licensing of terrestrial and satellite stations. Our contributions to the industry range from the hands-on operational perspective: the frequency coordinator sitting at their desk trying to make sense of a new Earth Stations Aboard Vehicles (ESVs) or Adaptive Modulation coordination, to the bigger regulatory issues involving spectrum sharing and frequency allocation. Our association brings a non-partisan, thorough, and reasoned perspective to many issues and we are not afraid to sit down, roll up our sleeves and hammer out a detailed technical study or detailed coordination procedure if necessary.  New frontiers include and are not limited to 5G, 6G, next generation satellite constellations, and bio-electric considerations.

Spectrum and coordination problems have not gone away and there is an important place for the NSMA. Not only do our professions and business processes benefit greatly from the work of the NSMA but as individual network planners, frequency coordinators, regulatory consultants, and telecom engineers the NSMA improves our own individual expertise as well. Personally, I learned in my decades as an NSMA member and later board member, much more than I learned in other forums or seminars.

I would like to invite you to join the NSMA. Our annual fees are very reasonable and I guarantee that you will be impressed with the knowledge, the integrity, and the commitment to sound spectrum management of our members. Join our webinars!  Also, please join us at our annual conferences, held in the Washington, DC area. Stay tuned for details. Feel free to view the recordings for all previous conferences here. If you are interested in joining the NSMA and have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email me.


Joseph Sandri
President – NSMA
202-223-1028 (o)

Our Objectives

Develop technical and procedural recommendations for coordination of wireless telecommunications systems and services.

Provide a linkage between government regulations and industry practice by developing recommendations that streamline and standardize procedures used by the frequency coordination community.

Proactively advise regulatory bodies on matters affecting radio frequency spectrum policy pertaining to terrestrial microwave, satellite systems, and emerging technology radio services.

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